What is USSD?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a technology that allows people access banking services using quick codes irrespective of their phones, or internet connection. It is available to people with and without smartphones, people with and without internet connection. The USSD technology is used by the GSM network provider to communicate with the service provider’s platform.

What are the Benefits of USSD?

It is considered secure because data is neither stored on the mobile phone or the application. It is also considered cost-effective, user friendly and faster in concluding transactions. Best of all, it does not require internet and it is handset agnostic. This means you can use USSD on any phone at all.

How can I use USSD?

Dial the quick code on your phone and follow the instructions.

I can’t find the USSD code I am looking for

Oooops! That’s an opportunity right there! If you find it somewhere else, add it to our listing.

Can I make money listing a USSD Code here?

No. But you can make some $$ if you help us map that USSD code to Stax. Try here.

I can’t remember my USSD code, help me

There are so many USSD codes in existence, you need your brain for more important things than USSD codes, so we have automated the process for you using Stax. Stax remembers all the USSD codes, so you wouldn’t have to. You can send money, buy airtime and do most things using Stax. Try Stax.

Is there a way to automate USSD?

Yes! Stax already did leveraging Hover technology. Check it out.